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What Ad Agencies Can Learn from Evel Knievel

Fortune Favors the Brave

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Why Marketing is Broken

Recent polls show that a lot of companies are unhappy with their marketing partners—and vice versa. Advertising exec Curt Hanke explains what’s wrong with the current state of marketing and how to fix it.

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Launching a Marketing Campaign? Ask these 3 Questions First

Before undergoing the time and expense of launching a marketing campaign, you need to do some self-examination first. Advertising expert Curt Hanke explains why.

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The 5 Most Common Brand Blunders

Is your brand failing to live up to your expectations? An advertising expert shares some of the most common brand blunders and how to avoid them.

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Why You Should Stop Advertising

If your advertising doesn’t have a clear message and a specific audience, you’re not doing it correctly. Advertising exec Curt Hanke explains what you are doing wrong and how to correct it.

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Startup Lessons to Myself, 13 Years Later

If you could go back in time, what words of wisdom would you like to share with your former self? Thirteen years into his business, advertising exec Curt Hanke does exactly that.

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How to Use Your Competition to Your Advantage

Who you identify as your competition can be a critical step in defining who you are as a brand.

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Get Naked With Your Ambition

Your company’s goals set the tone for the entire organization. Are they inspiring or are they just corporate boilerplate? Here’s why it pays to do some soul-searching when establishing your objectives.

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